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to traivs and his family  / Tasha Garrison (passerby)  Read >>
to traivs and his family  / Tasha Garrison (passerby)
 i am very sorry that you lost such a precious gift that god had 
gave you. if ever you need anybody to talk to you can talk to me.
you know my e-mail address but i will keep in contact just to check up on you. i wish i would have thought of naming my little boy travis in honor of your son. that way you will have  someone who would have someone else's name in honor of your lost son.
i know that nothing you say or do will bring back your son but keeping
him in your memory and praying will do wonder's for you and your family. here's your angel from up above. but one thing you have to look at is he's in a better place but i know you wish he was still living. he put some sunshades on because it's bright up there and
he's probably worried that he's not down here doing his job and he misses his kids. i also hope and pray that his kids will someday come across this web site and remember their father and keep him close to their hearts. I also hope and pray his kids will be strong enough to email you or write you. I remember you told me you had a trunk full of his memories and proof of everything that happened just before and after his death.  Here is an angel for your grandchildren that they still hold someone dear close to their hearts. I know you love them with all your heart and look forward to the day you will meet them in person and give them the trunk with all the information and belongings from their Daddy.

your friend,  

                                            your friend,
                                     tasha nicole garrison

I am so sorry for you loss!  / Evi   Read >>
I am so sorry for you loss!  / Evi
My own children are still very young, but when I read what happened to your son, that is what I fear of the most. We can raise them as loving as we can, if someone with a cold heart comes along, it can destroy the entire person.

May your son rest in peace and may you find you grandchildren one day and may they realize what has happened.
Mrs. Cathy Please read  / Melissa Thompson (Passer by )  Read >>
Mrs. Cathy Please read  / Melissa Thompson (Passer by )
First I wish to send my condolences on the loss of your precious son and your two lovely Grandchildren. My heart goes out to you. I hope your Grandchildren find you someday soon.
We share in your grief, our son died January of 1987. It felt like our lives ended with him.
Don't give up on your Grandkids finding you. They have probably been told many lies, but in the end the truth will come to light.

I just finished a very good book by: Allison DuBois called "We are their heaven" (why the dead never leave us).

It is easy to read and it hits home with every chapter.
  My God bless you and your family.
I'm so sorry for your loss  / Tina (passerby)  Read >>
I'm so sorry for your loss  / Tina (passerby)
I read Travis's story, I am sorry that you couldn't have your son right after he died. Such a sad story,
I offer my condolences to you, you are a wonderful mother who loved her son very much. Travis is safe in God's arms now, you will be reunited some day, and maybe your Grandchildren will be strong and look you up.
Take care of yourself.
So Sorry  / Mia Hall (passerby)  Read >>
So Sorry  / Mia Hall (passerby)
I stumbled upon your son's site and I am truly sorry for your loss. My father has Bi-Polar disorder and we have struggled with him for years....he is a difficult man to love and I have some awful childhood memories. But for now he is stable, so we pray for him daily. He has treatned suicide for years now.

I am so sad that you cannot find your grandchildren, I hope they find you soon....a grandmothers love is so special and I am sure your son would want them to experince that love.

God Bless!

Mia Hall
A Mother's Love  / Randolph Pratt   Read >>
A Mother's Love  / Randolph Pratt

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love will never die,

A Mother's love will not let you cry

A Mother would never tell you anything wrong,

A Mother's Love will always be strong

A Mother's Love comes from her heart, soul and mind,

A Mother's Love will last until the end of time!

Randolph Pratt

Travis, Thank's for the pennies, my family treasure your loving mother.  / Barbara Yarbrough (Mom's new friend )  Read >>
Travis, Thank's for the pennies, my family treasure your loving mother.  / Barbara Yarbrough (Mom's new friend )
As we all sit to pray every day, in all our own speacial way, We thank God each day that you send your sweet mother, Cat, our way. Threw her tears I feel you have always guided her path. We love your family, like it were our own....,yesterday, today, and a life time of tomorrows. As days go by, since, the day you flew up, we will always have you in our heart.
In sincerest respect to you and all your loved ones,
Sisters in grief  / Vivian Lloyd   Read >>
Sisters in grief  / Vivian Lloyd
I am so sorry about the loss of your precious boy, Travis.  He is so handsome and he sounds so much like my Jason that I almost feel like I knew him.  What happened to our sons is also very similar.  I wish I had warned him growing up about people like her - I guess I never really believed anyone could be so purely evil as these two women are. 

I read Travis' story and it just breaks my heart hearing about all that you have had to endure.  I wonder how people like that get away with behaving as they do - don't the people close to them see the evil that is being done and speak up?  Obviously not. 

I know there are no words that can ease the pain of your loss.  We were never meant to survive our children's death, yet we are forced to keep going on somehow.  This site is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young man and it sounds to me like you have done many things to honor his memory.  Because of you, Travis lives on, forever! 
I truly believe that our son's surround us with their love and I hope you are able to feel Travis with you, always. 

I will pray that your grandson will be able to find you - never give up looking, never give up hoping.  I'm sure he has been told things that aren't true, but one day he will see their mother for who she is and maybe then he will need someone to turn to who really loves him and come looking for his dad's family.  That is my prayer for you. 

I know that someday - God will make everything right and the people that took our son's love and treated it like dirt will have to answer for that.  I'll be praying for you and Travis' family, including his kids, that you'll find peace and love and that God will protect you and watch over you and your precious grandkids!  Thank you for sharing Travis' story. 
Blessings & care Travis  / Jane Einarson (I care )  Read >>
Blessings & care Travis  / Jane Einarson (I care )
Dear Travis, Thinking of you & your special family this season. I pray that it is peaceful & gentle. You will be in my thoughts & prayers. God Bless. Love & respect XXXOOO Close
A mothers loss  / Tara (passerby)   Read >>
A mothers loss  / Tara (passerby)
Why is it our sons seem to meet up with self-centered girls who give them such misery?
My son was driven to suicide because his wife had affairs and wasted away his hard earned money just like what happened to your precious son.
I hope God makes them answer for their selfish, hatful ways.
Our sons are free of them now and watch them each and every day.
I didn't have a grandson like you did, I hope you find him someday soon.
Shared pain  / Sally (Passerby)  Read >>
Shared pain  / Sally (Passerby)
  Travis I Light this candle in honor of your memory.  Having lost my Sister, Wendy in 2004, to suicide, I cannot say thay I feel your families pain, but I can relate.  I hope you and my Sister have had the opportunity to meet each other in heaven.  If you should see her, give her a hug for me and tell her is lover dearly miss her terribly.  Comfort and peace to your family. Close
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