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Sorry for all your pain  / Judy Hoopingarner (my son has a memorial site here as well )  Read >>
Sorry for all your pain  / Judy Hoopingarner (my son has a memorial site here as well )
I can truely relate to what you feel except i will never know grandchildren from my son as he was only 17 and 4 months when his life was taken from him. I too feel he was murdered and done wrong by the system. We fought hard but got some things changed for the better of others in our state. we will never benifit from it but hopefully it will be of use to someone should this type of tragidy ever occur again. Im also a member of ds under the name weaknfalling. please look me up we can relate to each other somewhat. Close
I know your pain  / Kathy Tallhammer (none)  Read >>
I know your pain  / Kathy Tallhammer (none)

I am so very sorry for your loss. It is a pain that can't be described. I know because I lost my son in 2005 at the age of 25. May God be with you.

I know your endless pain  / Susy Flynn   Read >>
I know your endless pain  / Susy Flynn
My heart aches for you and your family and for the heartache your precious Travis suffered. I am all to familiar with the pain of losing a child. I will pray for you, your family and Travis, that you may all find peace and beable to heal with God's infinite love and your beautiful sweet memories. My precious son, Mark was 24  when he made the choce to end his pain. If you'd like to get to know him a bit, visit his memorial pages at . May God Bless you and warm you with his love. Close
angelmom 2  / LaDonna Hembree (passing by )  Read >>
angelmom 2  / LaDonna Hembree (passing by )
Thank you for sharing Travis and I am truly sorry for this senseless loss.  I pray that justice will one day prevale and give you some peace.  Please feel free to meet my angel' and  Peace and love to you and your family. Close
simular pain  / Valerie DiCuffa   Read >>
simular pain  / Valerie DiCuffa

I know somehow we are all connected but yet we dont know each other. I was reading your story about travis and finally can see through the mist of my tears to write my condolences. I lost my son 12-28-05 and they tryed to rule it as suicide but I know in my heart it is not true . My faith keeps me getting through each day and my other sonhelps when he's home from college But I cant shake what happen to your son, and the way his mother of his children has gone on with her life and could endure such pain in so many lives.   I could go on but this is not the place to carry on just know i can relate so much and i admire your strength, here's my sons web site

andrew-dicuffa-of                 Forever Blessings

                                                                        Valerie DiCuffa


love others  / Leah B. (none)  Read >>
love others  / Leah B. (none)

the police dept should be smarter of course! This is what it is. She did this to him! I think no ne should hurt no one no matter what. the inside pain is the worst pain and it does cause people to leave this world so I feel in most suicide cases it is murder no matter who holds the wepons. You see, if one hurts others it can cause ones to feel the only way is to die. That is never ok. We should just love one another, never hate or tease and never murder and then stage it as if they did it. Wow! thats the worst I think any one can do to loved ones. And she should never steal the grand kids, that's not fair. There is never enough love for our kids and grandparents can sure help out in their lives If you let them! Familys are the most Important unit we have on this earth, no one has the right to break them and yet they do.  We all miss the ones that have crossed over, I pray they see and love us as well.

sorry / Lucille Cutillo (DS mom friend )  Read >>
sorry / Lucille Cutillo (DS mom friend )

Your story touched my heart. I am so sorry this has happened.  May you & your family find peace. May you angel have no cares and be happy with the Lord in heaven. 
You are in my prayers.
Thank you for sharing your story & the important information on your beautful site.
Love lucille (joeymom-DS)

So sorry for your lose  / Marie(Marienpain) Birmingham Harlin (dailystrength)  Read >>
So sorry for your lose  / Marie(Marienpain) Birmingham Harlin (dailystrength)
I saw you on Dailystrength. I am so sorry you and your family had to go through such a painful time. I will say a prayer for your family and hope God will help your grandchildren find their family again one day. I am so sorry. Close
loss of a son  / Shirley Mccarthy (a breaved parent )  Read >>
loss of a son  / Shirley Mccarthy (a breaved parent )

p://   so sorry to hear of your tragic loss.we lost our son in Dec. 12, 2006  this a web site of my son.    your story is so heart wrenching i can't beleive people can be so curel and you get to see your grandchildren? my heart goes out to you and your family. god bless you Close
Especially for you Trav  / Mom   Read >>
Especially for you Trav  / Mom




My thoughts of the Hueppelsheuser  / Pat Lonaker (friend of Kathy's )  Read >>
My thoughts of the Hueppelsheuser  / Pat Lonaker (friend of Kathy's )

Dear Cathy,
All this time I had known a little of what happen to your son. But not until today did I read everything. I can't find the words to express my anger. I knew it took days before you found out,   but  I didn't know   what she did .As a Christian I should pray  for her. I guess I am not a Christian after all because I believe she is evil. My prayers go out to you and your family as always with the hope when your grandchildren are grown they will come to you....And maybe someday when I can let go of this anger, I will pray that she see's the horrendous pain that she has caused.

Pat (with Travis always on my mind)

I'm so sorry.  / Janeather Campbell (From DailyStrength )  Read >>
I'm so sorry.  / Janeather Campbell (From DailyStrength )
I just wanted to write and let you know that my heart goes out to you and your son.I know how hard it can be to lose somone that you love so suddenly and not really have a reason why.I want to thank you for your courage and desire to help others.I think that you are motivated and understanding woman, who will do anything to help others.Do take of yourself also, though.

I will be praying for you and your family.

Cherish Travis and keep his memory alive always.

Your friend,
Janeather Close
SO SORRY  / Rosanne Hosken (Here from Daily strength link )  Read >>
SO SORRY  / Rosanne Hosken (Here from Daily strength link )
So sorry for your loss. I am sure your son  Travis is watching over you from the beautiful Kingdom of Heaven. Close
Dear Travis  / Elissa Smith (Friend of your mothers )  Read >>
Dear Travis  / Elissa Smith (Friend of your mothers )
Dear Travis,

I know that you are here reading over my shoulder as I write just as my daughter Cara is here.  While we mourn our loved ones earthly death we can rejoice in your heavenly life.  I talk to my daughter and she talks to me as you know.  I wondered about when Cara told me she loved me but that she was not sad nor could she say she missed us.  It came to me... she doesn't miss us because she is here with us and she's not sad because she knows that we will be together in heaven.  In the meantime she tries to comfort me and I am comforted.  She's shown me how to talk to all my loved ones on that side and given me more compassion and love for those on this side.  Your mom is a great comfort and I hope that I comfort her.  No one comforts her as you do.  I'm sorry for the pain that led to your untimely death.  I am glad that you have found peace.  I got my penny Travis.  It was so weird... I was on the phone with your mom when it happened.  Thank You.  Give my daughter a hug please Travis.  She's a wonderful loving tender spirit.  Hugs Cara's Mom Elissa Close
Retired Teacher  / Janna Hardy (his Mom's friend )  Read >>
Retired Teacher  / Janna Hardy (his Mom's friend )
I share in Travis' family's grief. 
Here from Daily Strength link  / JoAnn (fellow human )  Read >>
Here from Daily Strength link  / JoAnn (fellow human )
So sorry for your loss Mom58.  Thank you for the tears though, I needed them today.  Close
I would like to write your son's story  / Gorden Parish (Please contact me )  Read >>
I would like to write your son's story  / Gorden Parish (Please contact me )
Ms. Hueppelsheuser,
My name is Gorden Parish and I write crime novels.
I visited the other two sites you have for your son and read you story. I am so sorry for the HELL you went through as well as your son Travis.

I think there is a story here that needs to be told. Travis suffered inhumane treatment before and after his death. His love for his family is obvious! The heartless way his wife and her father treated him is horribly sad.
The way you were treated by his wife and her family when you went to Colorado, is heartbreaking as well. I can see that you love your son and wanted the best for him but was lied to and mistreated at a time when you needed support.

I think I can help you. With your corporation I will write Travis's story.
I will need a copy of the police report and the coroner's report to validate your story. I also need your input re: his wife and family.

Also, I think I can help you find your grandchildren. My lawyers will help you as well. All this will be at no cost to you.

I have written you an email and hope to hear from you soon.

Gorden Close
A mother's view of grief  / Mom   Read >>
A mother's view of grief  / Mom
I have been thinking a lot about Travis lately. Even more than usual (which is every day).

I am not brave....strong....more courageous than anyone else.
My faith is not greater, my character is not more solid.
I am just an ordinary human being who was living an ordinary life, believing that this could never happen to me or to my family. We were just like everyone else until that fateful day when we awakened to our worst nightmare, Travis has died.

We did not choose this path and when we find ourselves upon it, what choice do we have but to somehow survive. To die - even if I wanted to - is not an option as it affirms the choice that Travis made. So I am forced to find some way to pick up my tremendously heavy grief burden and begin the journey into the land of survival.
A journey that has lasted much longer than I ever imagined. 
A journey that will last the rest of our lives.

I did not awaken one day to find closure, acceptance or healing.
I do not "get over it," let go or "move on."
Grief is an agonizingly slow process.  It does not happen overnight and for most of us, we will continue to process what happened to Travis for the remainder of our lives.

Once we have been on this path for a while, you may wonder why I still have to talk about it so much?
We who walk the path know that no amount of time can fill up the place where Travis used to be.
The hurt, though it may ease some with the passing of time, is still present and very much a part of my every day life.
I carried him inside my body, under my heart for nine months.
I carried him in my heart and held him in my arms for 30 years.
How can I be expected to be "over" him in just a few days, weeks, or years? How can I be expected to ever be "over" him at all?

His happiness, hopes and dreams were all a part of my life for so long and now they have vanished - but what lingers is the disappointment, the bitter unfulfilled loss that accompanies the realization that all the years he had ahead of him were snuffed out in a single desperate moment that has left me here to ask again and again, why?
Even though he told me of the pain and the turmoil of his last few months of life, I try desperatly to understand.

His smile and laughter were as important to me as the air I breathe and without them, it is a struggle to carry on.

Even though I may appear to get on with the business of living my life, laugh, and talk about other things, I still carry a deep aching sorrow for the loss of my precious son. My sweet loving, tenderhearted boy.  So full of joy on the outside - his mask hid his sorrow, despair, and hopelessness.

I miss him every day. I will always love him. He is still my son, even though he is gone from this world. I tell others, Please don't rush my grief or tell me how I should be feeling.

It's okay to talk about Travis, say his name. He may be gone from this word, but don't erase him from existence by refusing to acknowledge he was ever here.
I love when you share a memory of him or type a condolence. It helps me so much to hear he was special to you - that you miss him too. Grief is made less lonely when I know you are thinking of him and sharing your heart felt thoughts with me.

I tell my friends, Don't compare my grief to someone else's. It doesn't matter if your neighbor's cousin's friend lost her son and is doing so much better than me. Grief is as individual as the person we lost. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Please just believe I am doing the best I can - and some days my best is just getting out of bed and breathing in and out.

I say, Please don't use words like wallowing, dwelling on it, refusing to go on.
I will feel the way I feel until my grief changes and I am ready to feel something else, until I have processed every last bit of what I need to process. I will hold onto it as long as I need to because maybe in some ways it is the only way I can still hold on to my child. When I am ready - when I feel it is safe to let my grief change, I will.

I ask everyone, Please don't rush me. If I'm not able to say, "let's just focus on the happy times," it doesn't mean I don't remember the happy times or that I don't still treasure them.

It just means that right now, losing him is still so fresh and my wound so raw that I'm not able to focus on much else.
I have learned that I must pace myself - and carry only what I can handle thru the 24 hour space of each day.
If others are able to focus only on the happy times, I say, good for you, I am happy for you.

I want to ask others , "Please, don't tell me that is what I need to do because maybe right now, I am not able to do that"..

Please don't say to me, "Life moves on, time heals all wounds, he's in a better place."
It's okay not to know what to say -
it's okay not to say anything.

It is the unspoken love,
the presence beside us,
the hands that hold us,
the shoulders we cry on,
the loving letters we receive -
these are the best gifts of all.

We hurt but it helps when you aren't afraid of my tears.

Even if you have suffered a loss similar to mine, you must know...
Each loss is as unique as the relationship of the people involved.

I can only tell you what it has been like for me, you can only share what it has been like for you, but don't be surprised if what we are feeling is, at times, very different, even if we grieve for the same person.

With Travis gone, each day I realize a little more just how much I've lost.
Each day I have to remind myself that there are still so many reasons to live - and that by living, I can bring so much honor to his life by never allowing him to be forgotten.

Every day begins when I open my eyes to the realization that Travis really is gone from my life and I face another day of this grief.

Each day ends lying in the darkness, wishing that somehow I could turn back the clock and bring Travis home again.
My life is caught in the ebb and flow of time.
Each wave washing me farther away from the days I spent with him, yet also pulling me closer to the time when I will see him again.
When can I stop looking back and begin looking forward?
When does the passing of time become a friend again, and not an enemy?
I don't know.

I just know this,
I am not brave,
I am not courageous,
I am not strong -
all those words describe Travis not me.

I am just another survivor, refusing to let go even though at times, I feel as if I am barely holding on.  Maybe I am holding on to a past that doesn't let me choose.

It's a decision I have to make though - before I begin this journey, I must decide, no matter what -
I have to survive, for Travis and those I love and hold dear.
my son Andy  / Jorita Speirs (passerby)  Read >>
my son Andy  / Jorita Speirs (passerby)
i lost my son ten years ago. his name was Andy and he was 45 years old. he gots depressed when his wife left him for another man. he was so inlove with her. he was a busy business man and while he was gone, his wife played the field. it was heartbreaking.
thank you for leaving your mailing address and phone number on your sons website. i am going to give you a call tonight, maybe we can talk. i need sombody to talk to real bad.

thank you, the pitures of travis are so sweet
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