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Christmas & Travis  / Dan &. Bernie Huff (Friends)  Read >>
Christmas & Travis  / Dan &. Bernie Huff (Friends)
We miss you more this time of year than any other. It is never easy. We still the 2 red bows from your very last Christmas Tree. We love you and we will never forget you, our memories together. We have some pictures if anyone would like to contact us-more than happy to send copies. Email Love you and miss you Travis, see you when we see you Close
To all of my dad's friends and family  / Catrena (Daughter)  Read >>
To all of my dad's friends and family  / Catrena (Daughter)
I hope to have a website soon dedicated to his life, away from the negativity of his tragic death. But I need your help! If you would be interested in sharing memories/pictures/etc and having an open place to focus on the glory of his life, send me an email at I hope to have it up and running soon, where his friends can all laugh and share memories and his favourite music. I know we are all thinking of him today and he loves us very much. Close
Another year gone by  / Jim&DD Dodd (Friends)  Read >>
Another year gone by  / Jim&DD Dodd (Friends)
Hey Travis,

hard to belive its been another year gone already. We still miss you so much. Will celebrate your life in our usual way by listening to alice and remembering all the good times we shared. Our lives have never been the same since we lost you

Love you and miss you

Jim & DD Close
To Trena; I am not your enemy.  / George McChristian (Stepfather)  Read >>
To Trena; I am not your enemy.  / George McChristian (Stepfather)
I didn't know your dad much better than you did. I was in his life for about 2 years when he was a child, and then again when moving Cat out of Sidney. Your mother and Trent knew your dad much better than I did. Cat talked to him almost on a daily basis, but I was offshore most of the time.
I know you want me to take away the bad, but I just can't do that. There's much more bad to the story than whats been written, and I don't want to do anymore harm to you or Trent, but I can't un-write what's already been written. I've edited as much as I can and still keep it as true I can.
As for not talking to you for so long, I am sorry I didn't try harder, but I don't think your mother would have allowed it. Even Trent told me not to write him. I can understand to some degree, I was using Cat's FB address. I'm still using it. It's my way of honoring her memory. I did change the address to Catandgeorge
I can't really speak for Jon, but I know he's seldom on his computer. You may have better luck on Heather's FB page.
I'm going to go now and give you time to digest this. You can find me on FB.
Love you
3-6-15 Close
To Jim and Diane  / Catrena (daughter)  Read >>
To Jim and Diane  / Catrena (daughter)
reading your post brought me so much happiness. I would love nothing more than to speak to both of you. My name on Facebook is Trena Ruth and I am in North Carolina. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys! This means so much. Close
Message to Catrena  / Jim &. Diane (Friends)  Read >>
Message to Catrena  / Jim &. Diane (Friends)
My wife and I were looking at your dad’s memorial site today and saw your post. We totally agree with you that this site should be about all of his GOOD memories and not the negative. Unfortunately we cannot change that and maybe one day George will consider changing the cover page with only positive memories. Yes there was much controversy when he passed and unfortunately all those questions will never be answered. We very much try to remember only the good things but sometimes it is hard to do because of the tragic way we all lost him.

He was (and still is) one our best friends and a great father to you and Trent. He loved you guys with all his heart and soul. We still talk about him with many of our friends and remember all the great times we had. Some of the parties we had were things of legend. He was an excellent carpenter and fixed many things at our home. He did a better job than any ‘contractor’ ever could have done. He also built a plan storage rack for me a long, long time ago (I work in the Engineering field) and I still use it every day. We are the friends that received his ashes when your mom decided to give him a proper memorial. It was a very difficult time for us, your mom and all of his friends but we all appreciate what your mom did to bring him back home to Arizona.

We go and visit him every thanksgiving as it was one of his favorite holidays. One of his favorite songs was alice’s restaurant which we also listened to every thanksgiving. Then we would spend time with family and friends, eating, drinking and watching football. We still carry the tradition and listen to that song every year before we go up and visit him. We still miss him so much.

Recently we found your brother on Facebook and have friended him. Trent looks sooo much like your dad. We have many memories and stories of Travis and would love to share them with you if you are interested. You are welcome to friend us if you want. We don’t know how to get in touch with you so maybe you can ask Trent and he could send you a link to our facebook page.? We truly wish the best for you, Trent, Gena and all your family.

Hope you have a great thanksgiving and please know that your dad was a great man and he will always be cherished in all our hearts forever.

We love you Travis

Jim and Diane Close
His life  / Catrena (daughter)  Read >>
His life  / Catrena (daughter)
I just wanted to put this out there because as Travis' daughter, I think I should. I was 4 years old when my dad died. I don't know anything about him, besides a few small things. I don't remember more than a handful of times I spent with him, I don't know what his favourite food is or what he accomplished. One day, George, and everyone else, I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to let my daddy rest in peace. I'm not debating what happened or how he died or anything, that is not what anyone should be focusing on and I don't think he would have wanted to be remembered like this. Please, make this website about his LIFE. What beautiful things he did and the people's lives he touched. I come back to this site time after time just to have a bitter taste in my mouth because everything on here is about the end. About how he died and all the controversy surrounded his death. All I know about my dad is all of the negative things surrounding him talked about on this site, and a few other things that aren't the best either and I know there is more to my dad then all this negative stuff. I want to know my dad. I want to hear from all of the people who knew him and laughed with him and spent time with him. I want to hear stories. I want to know everything I can. I haven't spoken to George in years, nor has Jon spoken to me(that's not because I haven't tried and Jon, if you're reading this I tried to contact you and Samantha and got no reply.) Please. This is all so hard for me to wrap my head around and I'm sick of sitting here spending all of my time trying to figure out why my dad killed himself. But at this point, blame is irrelevant, it's not going to bring him back. It's been almost 14 years. No one's heart should be filled with hate. Just love and longing for my father. Please, keep that in mind. I don't know if this is going to make a difference or not but I have so many questions and no answers. I lost my father at 4 years old and I haven't been able to breathe since. As always, my thoughts are with you, George. I hope you're doing okay and I hope this doesn't come across as me attacking you. You have every right to have your own opinion, and I'm not trying to dispute or change that. I love you and miss you, daddy. Always. Close
Mother's Day  / George McChristian (Stepdad)  Read >>
Mother's Day  / George McChristian (Stepdad)
Travis; I know your Mom is with you, so give her a kiss for me.

Happy Mother's day Cat. I miss and love both of you so much!
Mom's Birthday.  / George McChristian (Stepdad)  Read >>
Mom's Birthday.  / George McChristian (Stepdad)

Happy Birthday to Travis' mother, Cat.

She joined Travis on 9/27/10

I miss BOTH of you very much!

Travis 1/11/13  / George McChristian (Step Dad )  Read >>
Travis 1/11/13  / George McChristian (Step Dad )
On this day, 1/11/2013, twelve years ago, you left the physical world. I miss you like it was yesterday! On 9/27/2010, your mom joined you. I don't know what God's plan is for me, what lesson I still need to learn, but I know that when he is satisfied, I'll be able to join you. I'll be happy when that day comes. Close
Another Thanksgiving  / George McChristian (Step Father )  Read >>
Another Thanksgiving  / George McChristian (Step Father )
Another Thanksgiving has come and gone without you. I miss both of you so much! Close
Pink Rose  / George McChristian (Step father )  Read >>
Pink Rose  / George McChristian (Step father )

On this day, September 27Th, 2012. On the Anniversary of the passing of Travis' mother Catherine (Cat) McChristian.

A single, perfect, Pink Rose bloomed on Cat's Rose bush. It wasn't there yesterday.

The Pink Rose is a sign of love.

Two days ago, I pruned that bush. Today, there is a perfect bloom.

Mother's day.  / George McChristian (Step father )  Read >>
Mother's day.  / George McChristian (Step father )

Travis, I know you're with your mother, so don't forget, today is Mother's day. Please give her a hug & kiss for me. I wish both of you were here so I could do it myself. I miss both of you so much!!!

Happy Mothers day Cat, from me & Casy.



I miss you, daddy.  / Catrena (Daughter)  Read >>
I miss you, daddy.  / Catrena (Daughter)

George I read the bottom of the website and I wanted to make you aware that I am changing my name back to Hueppelsheuser. They ended up changing it on my birth certificate and I didn't want that. I am and always will be Travis' daughter no matter anyone's opinions of me. I miss him and love him to death and I know he knows that. I'd appreciate it if you changed it.

I wish you the best.

Daddy I love you and miss you like crazy. I keep having dreams about you and rereading your note. You made me believe that I'm beautiful[: If those were the last words you ever had to say to me then they must be true. I think about you all the time.

My friend Chase passed away last Oktober so I'm sure he's up there with you. Meibe he can teach you how to play lacross[: Though I know you weren't much of a sports fan ^.^ I wish all of you guys the best... I love you. And tell Cathy I love her too.


George / Catrena (Daughter)  Read >>
George / Catrena (Daughter)


I asked this of Cathy and I am going to ask this of you. will you please change the website? I know Cathy and your views on my mother and what happened but That's not what this site should be for. I am in no way asking you to change your opinion cause you have every right to have it but I don't think my fathers memorial website should be about this. I think it should be about the beautiful life he lived not about the tragic ending.

Please understand.

all my love


To Travis  / Jim &. DD (Friends)  Read >>
To Travis  / Jim &. DD (Friends)


Just continuing our thanksgiving tradition and listening to "Alice's Restaurant" today before we go up to visit you.

It is so hard to belive it has been almost 10 yesrs since everyone lost you. We love and miss you you will be in our hearts forever.


Jim & DD

To everyone  / George McChristian (Stepfather)  Read >>
To everyone  / George McChristian (Stepfather)

On 9/27/10 Travis' mother passed away. I am Travis' stepfather George. I appreciate all comments that have been made but this is a family oriented site. My grandchildren visit and read these tributes. So out of respect for my family deceased and living please try to control your language.

Grandma / Catrena (Daughter)  Read >>
Grandma / Catrena (Daughter)

I know that things weren't right between me and my grandma. But I'm sorry for everything that I said and did to her. I am Travis' full blood child and I am her full blood granddaughter. I would go back and change things if I could. I miss you. And I'm sorry.

I hope you'll forgive me.

All my love


WRONGFUL DEATH SUITE!  / Joseph Browns (passerby)  Read >>
WRONGFUL DEATH SUITE!  / Joseph Browns (passerby)

if nothing else bring a wrongful death suit against the lying cheating bitch of a wife!

to this day she is probably stll lying and cheating! dont trust her. dont befriend her! dont beleive a word she says.

those kids should be taken awawy from her.

god help them!!!!

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