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We created this memorial page for a wonderful son who will never be forgotten by us. He is sweet, kind, loving, gentle and always willing to lend a hand to a friend in need. He is missed so very much!

Travis has two beautiful children, which will not be named at this time unless they request it to be added here.


The last year or so of Travis' life was filled with tragedy, betrayal, lies, cheating and misery. He fought hard to hold his family together to no avail.

In October, our son committed suicide: Not of the flesh, but of
the mind and soul.

Three months later, Travis was physically dead as well.

Four years after his death, Travis' remains were found in his father-in-laws basement where he was left behind in a cardboard wrapper.

His father in-law was going to move so he called his daughter and told her she had to get Travis' ashes out of his basement.

His estranged wife didn't want to be bothered with his remains or memory so she had his ashes mailed to his friends in the same cardboard wrapper, in another state.

She and Travis' children disappeared within a few days after Travis was cremated.

 She had remarried soon after Travis' death and moved clear across the United States without letting any of Travis' family know where she and his children were.


Travis died on a Thursday night. We were not told until that Saturday night and the call came from Travis' father in law, not the police. Why was that? More cover up?

When I asked him, "where is my son"? I was told, his wife was in the hospital with an unrelated illness". Good alibi! 

Once again I asked, "Where is my son"? The reply was...
"I don't know, some morgue somewhere"!

One month after Travis died, we received the police report and coroner’s report. We found out, the Police did not take ANY fingerprints from his house. They did not tape off the house, which was now a CRIME SCENE. I wonder why? Someone with some hush money?

However, one officer had made note in his report that Travis died with a shot gun "BALANCED" upside down on his chest, the casing was found UNDER his body as he lay on a small love-seat.

It was noted:
Travis' arms were not long enough to reach the trigger in the position the gun was found!

After receiving the police report in the mail; I called the police officer that was first on the
scene and asked some questions about my son's death. He told me he could not discuss the details with me and I had to call the serious crimes/homicide division for more information.

I did call the homicide division and spoke with the sergeant in charge of my son's case. I asked him, how the shotgun casing got under Travis' body if the gun was "balanced" on his chest?

The sergeant said Travis must have moved.
So I asked, "if he moved... how could the gun remain "balanced" on his chest? Why didn't it fall over or off his body"? The sergeant said he didn't have all the answers to my questions at that time.

When my younger son Jon and I arrived at Travis' home, I had to crawl through the doggy door to gain access. I fit easily through the doggy door and I believe someone else small enough could also crawl
through that same doggy door, easily!

Once inside, we saw a baseball size bloodstain on the carpet, 10 - 15 feet from where Travis' body was Reportedly found.

Someone had tried to clean up the spot on the carpet but it was still very visible.

Travis had been shot in the head and there was no exit wound. So how did a blood stain get so far away from where Travis' body was found?

The Corner's report stated, Travis had NO GUNSHOT RESIDUE ANYWHERE ON HIS BODY! Both his hands were
on the barrel of the gun!

Question is: If both his hands were on the barrel of the gun, then who
pulled the trigger?


Also, while inside Travis' home we found his bedroom torn apart as if someone was looking for something.

We also looked around and found he had a lunch packed in the fridge; a full tank of gas in his van and a cooler filled with soft drinks and melted ice.
He had left an envelope with over $600 in it on the coffee table. The police found the money and I think that was proof to them Travis committed suicide. After certain influences, there was no further investigation into his death.

His body was cremated at the cost of just $500.00. So basically, he paid for his own funeral arrangements with his own money.

His estranged widow stood in the back of the church with one of her boyfriends holding her around her waist in a tender clutch.

She was overheard saying things like, "Don't I look sexy in my new boots?" and "Look at me. A widow at the ripe old age of 29" 

She allowed me to speak about my son in front of the church as long as I didn't say ANYTHING negative about her.

When I finished talking about how much I loved and missed my son,  his estranged wife stood up in front of everyone there and asked for even more money for herself!

Authorities labeled his death a suicide. But somethings just don't add up.

When I spoke to Travis on the telephone on Tuesday night 36 hrs before his death, I knew he was stressed out and emotionally
crushed. I was worried about him and I said, "Please don't do anything you'll be sorry for".
His reply was....

I have so many questions that will probably remain unanswered.
Also, To this day, I have been trying to get my son's ashes and bring him home. But his estranged wife refused to allow me or any member of Travis' family to have his remains. To this day, we have
not been able to obtain his ashes and bring him home!

Why was she so hateful and self centered? Who knows!

If Travis was going to Commit suicide, why wouldn't he have left all his money on the coffe table? Instead, he had cash and a gas credit card in his pocket when his body was found.

If he was going to Commit suicide, why did he even bother to go to work that day?

If he was going to commit suicide, why did he have cash money in his pocket, a full tank of gas in his van, a map to our house next to the drivers seat, a fresh lunch in the fridge, sodas in a cooler with ice?

On top of all my other questions, there is one more thing I wonder about.

Travis was completely dressed but his right shoe and sock were missing and on the bottom of his right foot, written in ball point ink were the words.."place tag here" with an arrow pointing to his great toe.

After my son's death, I was so grief stricken I could hardly function.
I was angry, very angry!
My son lay dead and I wanted answers, How did this happen? When did things go so terribly wrong? And who did this to him?

Travis' son was only seven years old when his Dad died. He looks just like his father.

Travis has a daughter, she is now carrying the  Hueppelsheuser name again.

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We miss you more this time of year than any other. It is never easy. We still the 2 red bows from your very last Christmas Tree. We love you and we will never forget you, our memories together. We have some pictures if anyone would like to contac...  Continue >>
To all of my dad's friends and family   / Catrena (Daughter)
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Another year gone by   / Jim&DD Dodd (Friends)
Hey Travis,

hard to belive its been another year gone already. We still miss you so much. Will celebrate your life in our usual way by listening to alice and remembering all the good times we shared. Our lives have never been the same sinc...  Continue >>
To Trena; I am not your enemy.   / George McChristian (Stepfather)
I didn't know your dad much better than you did. I was in his life for about 2 years when he was a child, and then again when moving Cat out of Sidney. Your mother and Trent knew your dad much better than I did. Cat talked to him almost on a daily ba...  Continue >>
To Jim and Diane   / Catrena (daughter)
reading your post brought me so much happiness. I would love nothing more than to speak to both of you. My name on Facebook is Trena Ruth and I am in North Carolina. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys! This means so much.
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His legacy
Travis Hueppelsheuser  

I believe Travis may have suffered from acute depression caused by a lying cheating greedy estranged wife.

He did not like to go to doctors but he once told me, "I don't have a problem taking a pill if it will help things". 

Travis loved being a father and he was a very loving, playful one. He played an active role in the lives of his children. He wanted to do everything together as a family. He lived for his family. 

Depression, or a major depressive episode, lasts for at least two weeks and possibly longer.

Symptoms may include:

Feeling sad or blue, or "down in the dumps"
Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy including sex            
Feeling worthless, hopeless, or guilty
Sleeping too little or too much
Changes in weight or appetite
Feeling tired or having little or no energy
Feeling restless
Problems concentrating or making decisions
Thoughts of death or suicide

The good news is that there are many treatments available..

When you are first diagnosed, your doctor may give you medicine to help get your illness under control. Then, you'll need to take medicine to help keep your moods stable.

The most common types of medicines are:

Medicines that suppress mood swings and anti-depressants.

Some medicines used for these symptoms work quickly. Other's may take a few day's or weeks before they have an effect.

Give them time!!

Your doctor may also need to change your dose, depending on how you feel. It may take a few tries before you and your doctor find a medication that works best for you.

Remember, depression is a physical disease.
Try not to miss any doses of medication. It's important to keep levels of medicine in your body steady.
If you only take your medication some of the time, your mood may become unbalanced again.

Those suffering from depression may find it difficult to hold down a job or lead a productive life.

The illness can cause serious problems in your family.
Some people with this disease can have problems with drugs or alcohol.

Nearly one in five patients with depression  commit suicide

Don't ignore depression. It is important to get treatment early.

Chronic depression, and other such diseases are no different than someone with heart disease, diabetes, cancer or epilepsy. It is treatable!

Many people who have this disease are bright, creative and productive members of our society. They should not be looked upon as "crazy" or a danger to others causing them to be rejected by those who consider themselves "Normal".
After all, what is "normal" anyway?

With the proper medication, these people are just as sane as anyone else in society and perhaps a bit more creative than  those who think of themselves as "normal".

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